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Tece Market,

With more than 10,000 color references, Tece edgebanding brings 100% harmony to your furniture. Its product range includes ABS, PVC, PP, Melamine, Metal, Mirror, Wood and Acrylic edge bands. Tece Market, which can supply on a roll basis, also offers edgeband matching information to its users. Tece Market is a subsidiary of Tece Dekor. Our team of 250 people is focused only on edge banding and has sustainable and environmental production principles. Tece Market, in accordance with its mission, supplies the produced edgebanding to every point of Turkey in the desired quantity and with a large color matching database.



Tece Market's mission is; With its wide color scale and wide product range, it is to deliver products to every point of Turkey with quality service and quality service.



Tece Market aims to deliver all the colors that the market needs, in the desired quantity and in the fastest way.

Please visit our Tece Dekor Edgebanding Company page for high volume purchases in container quantity.

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